Arabic Digital Marketing for Online Success

The Internet has become the one-stop solution for every need in this digital age. Whether you want to work, learn, shop, meet virtually, communicate or engage with people, the Internet is the place to go. Millions of people worldwide are using the Internet every day for various purposes, be it personal, professional or for business. So, for how long will it be possible for marketers targeting the MENA and GCC region to ignore it?

Why Is Digital Marketing Essential?

Digital marketing has become essential for business success today. However, in the case of digital and search marketing in Arabic, there are some significant hurdles that marketers need to counter and work through in order to rank on top.

Ensure, as a marketer, you should not get scared of Arabic digital marketing due to the challenges you face in the entire process. You need to overcome the difficulties and find solutions to implement Arabic digital marketing before your competitors do. If you fail, it will only turn your audience to them for a better digital experience. It is a common practice visible on Internet, where we see people mostly prefer to use their own language when using the Internet. According to many surveys, 88% of online shoppers use their tongue to purchase products online. If your target audience is Arabic speaking individuals, you need to prepare yourself to give native language experience to your target market.

Rise of Internet Usage in Arabic Speaking Regions

In the last ten years, we saw a significant surge in Arabic-speaking individuals online. Out of the total, 20% of Arabic speaking users are from Egypt, 12% from KSA and the GCC countries combined, making up 22%. Moreover, with the increase in the number of smartphone users, as it has become pretty normal in these regions now, most Arabic speaking people are using their native language to surf their phones and find what they are looking for online. This increase in Arabic-speaking people using online mediums for various information search and other purposes is reason enough to create compelling digital marketing campaigns in their native language, essential for any business to target potential users.

How is Online Business Replacing Traditional Business?

Google dominates with 97% of the market share in the Arabic countries. Therefore you need to increase your business visibility online in Arabic. Moreover, another crucial factor to consider is that Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages globally. With 41.7% Internet usage, it is essential to target this specific audience for effective online business. Contrary to the western digital space and market, the online Arabic speaking audience is still comparatively young and new to the internet world. It is still in its initial stage and developing. Therefore, the online competition for your business will be lower than what we experience in the Western market. This will not only make your marketing efforts beneficial and productive but also cost-effective.

What is the Prospect of Online Arabic Content?

The percentage of Arabic content online is less than 1%, even though Arabic is the 4th most spoken language online. And this opens opportunities for those exploring the avenues to take over the market. It allows an extensive possibility of creating relevant content for the Arabic audience and helps them engage with and share using various social channels. As an increasing number of businesses now identify this potential in the market, it is time for companies to take maximum advantage of the native market prospects and let their content reach their target audience.

What are the Basic Factors to Consider in Arabic Digital Marketing?

However, as mentioned at the beginning of this blog, some unique requirements in Arabic need to be considered while designing your Arabic digital marketing campaign. These include domain names, page layouts, URL structure, and the translation of the language by a native Arabic speaker. It is essential never to use translation tools when you convert your English website into an Arabic website, as these tools do not have a direct translation of many words. Keep in mind that poorly translated content will compel your audience to leave your website and find a better website with a better translation, leading to high bounce rates. Therefore, it is necessary to let a native speaker translate your website into Arabic.

How to Maximise Your Online Arabic Presence Successfully?

If you are looking to capture the Arabic market, you will need to reach an Arabic-speaking audience. Therefore, you will also need to invest in a digital marketing agency that can help your Arabic audience deliver Arabic content that is engaging, informative, shareable, and accurately translated. You must hire an agency that can work according to your requirements and prepare your content for Search Engine Optimisation. It is vital to optimising your website to capture the top place in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Choose the right keywords and key phrases for your content to maximise your online presence. The agency will guide you to select keywords with high monthly search volume. Correct keywords and phrases will make your website searchable to your Arabic-speaking users when they actively search for your product and services online.

In this digital age, when companies are fast-moving to online business for maximised online presence, it is vital for companies looking for the market in regions where Arabic is the primary language to engage in Arabic digital marketing. Therefore, they should work to provide high-quality local language content and implement intelligent search engine optimisation that gives your business increased visibility, higher rankings and improved results in the search engine for an extended period. Arabic digital marketing campaigns with personalised content will help your website gain a quick competitive advantage and will successfully evolve and grow in the online world.


If you target audiences in an Arabic-speaking region that covers mainly UAE, MENA, KSA and GCC regions, ensure you consider the Arabic digital market and content creation a priority. Hire an experienced digital marketing agency that guarantees you quality Arabic digital marketing services to help you reach the correct audience.