How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Uber-Careem in 2021?

What is a Vehicle for Hire Mobile App?

The vehicle for hire or on-demand tax booking app business model is growing very fast across the world. Uber, amongst the most famous apps globally to request a ride, along with Careem, another vehicle for hire company in the United Arab Emirates, is the most preferred mobile app in the Middle East today known as Uber-Careem. It is the first choice for people seeking hassle-free vehicle ride services. You can use this app to either hire a vehicle, pay for the ride, or even become a captain and drive.

Using mobile applications like Uber-Careem, you can search for nearby cab/vehicles. The app allows you to fetch all details of cars nearby before hiring via the app. You can choose what meets your requirements. These apps have made our lives much easier and simpler.

User-friendly and convenient to use, it also offers flexible and multiple payment options and keeps offering several discounts and reward points from time to time. You get bonus points and vouchers that can be used later to hire vehicles.

These mobile apps are available on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Now, let’s find out how a vehicle for hire mobile app works!

How Does Uber-Careem Work?

If you plan to develop an app like Uber-Careem, you must know how the service works on the user/rider side.

The general app performance in 5 simple steps:

  1. Request

The user requests a vehicle instantly or on schedule via the app. Requests are received by drivers nearby.

  1. Matching

The driver may either accept or reject the request. If rejected, the request is sent to another nearby driver.

  1. Ride

The user can track the taxi/vehicle that accepted the ride request. The taxi/vehicle will approach the user’s location for pickup. Now the user knows the estimated time of arrival.

  1. Payment

The cashless payment mode and the price estimated previously make this process easier for both parties.

  1. Rating

Rating is an essential feature of Uber-Careem’s business strategy. It increases users’ trust in the service.

The Structure of an Online Vehicle for Hire App:

  • Website/Admin Panel
  • Mobile App for Customers on Android, iOS, and Windows
  • Mobile App for Drivers 

How Uber Careem Works for the Users?

Essential features to build an app like Uber Careem for customers:-

  • Geolocation and routing
  • Registration and user data management
  • Call or text the driver right from the app
  • Push notifications
  • Payment integration
  • Ride cost estimation
  • User-friendly UI and UX design

Advanced features:-

  • Scheduling a ride in advance
  • Booking a ride for others
  • Splitting a fare with other co-passengers

Essential features to create Uber app for drivers:-

  • Driver reports
  • Advanced route optimization
  • Personal profile/account editing
  • ‘Active/Inactive’ option (active drivers are visible on the map, inactive are not)
  • Calling a passenger from the app
  • Generating daily/monthly reports of past bookings and earnings

Advanced features:-

  • Driver destinations
  • Free cancellation within a set time
  • Heat maps

Admin Panel Features

Admin panels are usually web-based and demand certain features to give an overview of business processes and workflow and manage payrolls and collect user data.

How Can We Help You Build This Kind of Apps You Ask?

  • We have a professional team of app developers who can develop apps of international standards as per your business requirements.
  • We ensure to develop secure and safe mobile apps for our clients. The safety of our clients and users comes as the topmost priority for us.
  • We provide 24×7 support and offer you a complete insight into the work process anytime at your convenience.
  • Our marketing team will provide you with all necessary inputs, so no need to worry about digital marketing.
  • We sign an NDA to protect your ideas.
  • We build a highly customized application and deliver within the timeframe.
  • And year-round free Maintenance for your app comes as a bonus point.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Vehicle on Hire App like Uber-Careem?

It depends on the functionality you are going to fill your app up with.

The cost lies between AED70,000 to AED 90,000. We can build a vehicle on hire mobile apps like Uber-Careem within 12 to 16 weeks as per your business needs.

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