5 Tools To Increase Productivity in 2021

Australian-born American management consultant, author, educator and ‘Father of management thinking’ Peter Drucker once said, “Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.”

It is one of those inspiring thoughts about time and task management that continues to influence managers and modern business corporations worldwide, so much so that today the entire world seems to be obsessed with productivity.

But why are we discussing it here? Today, we see everyone’s talking about productivity, time management and efficiency. You scan through company recruitment processes, and one thing that is common in them all is that productivity is in their essential requirements column for their ideal candidates. Everyone wants to be productive or seeks productivity in the job they undertake, but does it come that easy? This very obsession for productivity is encouraging companies and professionals to look for tools and techniques that can boost their organisational and individual potential. 

As an organisation or an individual, how important is it to be productive?

As a product management professional, I found this to be one of the most critical areas. Managing a team of developers, designers, marketers and more, it was becoming a real challenge for me to keep track of work undertaken by my teammates and also keep a close watch on the project progress. After critically planning and allocating tasks in a very well-thought-out way, I was finding it taxing to make my team deliver on the committed dates.

The other day, the top management was discussing how to increase team productivity and make them work efficiently. But what motivated them to discuss this? We know human beings generally do not like changing themselves unless circumstances force them to change, and then too only if one is passionate about success. Here, every time the team was failing to meet the delivery deadlines, it had become quite normal to receive clients’ wrath. Some blocker erupts, and all the efforts to meet the deadline reaches a deadlock situation!

Now the concerned people were on the lookout for a solution.

What are the BLOCKERS?

Having trouble staying on task, managing your time, or getting your work done or all of them? Most of the time, the team is confused, as they believed they gave 100% in their work.

If we deep dive, we will find each one of the activities in the entire organisational project management process affects the other. So, how to reach a concrete solution? One thing is certain, it is crucial to work on overall loopholes instead of being selective.

I myself have been searching for a solution since long to improve my team’s productivity. I was on the lookout for smart productivity and collaboration tools to help optimise my personal and professional life.

If there is one thing that is constant in the world of productivity, it is: Tools keep evolving. Technologists are all looking for the most optimal cognitive performance for our wellbeing, and technology is allowing us to find it. Often people who stand out are the ones who take extra measures to meet their business goals, and they are the ones who succeed.

A wall hanging on my office wall reads “Ordinary people think merely of spending time, great people think of using it.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Who doesn’t want to succeed in business?

Though I had identified the best productivity apps, I was a bit sceptical of using them. However, when I found the team struggling to find a way to increase productivity and team efficiency, I could not stop myself and decided to discuss the tools. So here are seven productivity tools that I identified to upgrade my productivity, memory, health, attention span, energy and much more in the year 2021. Read about them here today!

Productivity Tools

Productivity tools can help make your work more effective, encourage you to accomplish your goals, and increase your productivity. Some of the commonest tools are – Gmail, Google Drive, Google docs, Google Calendar, Google Meet, Microsoft Office and Office Suite. You can continue to use them according to your convenience. However, the following combination of five tools that I have identified will boost your productivity in ways you can never imagine.

1. Asana – Collaboration at its Best

The question is how to manage a project? We know, a project has several phases. So, is there a productivity app that can help the teamwork, track each phase and deliver effectively?

Asana is the answer! It does collaboration at its best! I spoke to many of my tech friends only to find out about Asana, and the reviews were great. But what is so great about Asana?

A complete project management tool, Asana even allows you to create sections – like a pending review or to be edited — and can also move tasks into the right place. Perfect for collaboration and software outsourcing, along with tracking the status of your project.

A complete project management tool, Asana even allows you to create sections – like “pending review” or “to be edited” — and can also move tasks into the right place. Perfect for collaboration and software outsourcing along with tracking the status of your project.

Should you go for it? It is for you to decide!

2. Evernote – Organise Your Life Smartly

It was not too long ago when I was discussing productivity-enhancing tools with one of my tech friends and came across this tool – Evernote. So, what is Evernote? As the name suggests, it seems, it must be an app that keeps note of every task we do, only to provide us with necessary support later. Meaning, with this by our side we do not have to dig deep into our local systems to get access to necessary files, documents and archived functionalities. It helps with easy access to important documents that are saved as links, documents, screenshots, articles, pictures, write-ups, etc.

With features like setting reminders, email alerts, and web content clearing, it makes accomplishing tasks much easier. To boost productivity further, we get – geolocation, audio recording, web and mobile interface, multiple device availability, web clipping, amongst others.

You get the basic service free of cost, while for business purposes you can choose from multiple paid options.

It is time to get smarter now!

3. Trello – Managing Your Time On The Web

My hunt for a task management application ended the day I met one of my ex-colleagues, who has recently started his own business. He was finding difficulty in managing tasks and tracking teamwork, and then he was introduced to this application by one of his business partners. Very popular with project management teams, Trello is easy to use and optimises the work experience by effectively tracking team performance. I have found it to be one of the best collaboration tools that organise your projects into ‘cards’ and ‘boards’. You get easy visual access to project workflow that helps you take appropriate decisions for present or future tasks. It runs on both Android and iOS platforms. In simple words, Trello tells you what you have to work on, who is working on what, and how is the progress. Projects and tasks can be assigned with due dates to track the progress.

Trello is available free of cost, but for business and premium plans, there are paid options.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

4. Slack – Conduct Quick and Smooth Communication

I was on the lookout for a combination of tools so that I have access to full-range of productivity boosters. After Asana, Evernote and Trello, I was exploring options that could help me in managing outsourced projects. There I found Slack – an app for sending messages and attachments to people and groups seemed to be a must in my list of best productivity apps. Slack assists you in conducting quick and smooth communication without having to send piles of unorganised texts and emails to team members. You can communicate directly with select groups of people and discuss different projects or issues using different channels, as per your project demands. Team members have the choice to enter or exit different channels. The most interesting part of all this is, all your conversations and discussions are searchable, just in case you need to go back and refer to them in future.

    You always wanted an assistant like Slack! Didn’t you?

5. RescueTime – Productivity Booster

Paul J. Meyer, pioneer of the self-improvement industry said, “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

In this intensely competitive technology world, we cannot afford to waste time frowning over our inefficiency and complaining about it. We know time is the most precious thing today when you are in the most ruthless and aggressive industry. Only those who make optimal use of it, WINS!

However, with so many distractions around, it is too easy to get deflected from our targets. Therefore it is crucial to understand the importance of time, along with intelligent planning and focused effort to become your most productive self.

RescueTime – there can be no better tool than this to manage your time optimally. One of the favourite productivity apps amongst the technologists, it mostly works behind the scenes. You get an insight into where your minutes and hours of the day get consumed while you are busy digging deep into your laptop or your mobile device (available only on Android). RescueTime continues to impress with its wonderful features, great value addition to your modern workplace.

Time is precious, you cannot afford to waste it! And all time management starts with planning. Plan it now! 


Do you often find yourself in a soup while trying to deliver your tasks on time and with efficiency? Are you struggling to increase the productivity of your team without compromising on quality? Are things not working well, and is it making you and your seniors anxious?

What would your mantra be if you are asked to increase the productivity of your team?

The answer to all the above-posed questions is – Productivity Tools! They help you, and your business adapt and grow! The productivity tools mentioned in this blog will definitely be a valuable addition if you are concerned about boosting your organisational productivity and efficiency. Try them out and see what fits your work style and ethics.


Author Info

A writer by passion and profession, Tithi Mishra is a Full-Time Content Creator and Strategist. She has also worked in the capacity of Online Product Manager, Quality Analyst and Product Delivery Manager and has more than 15 years of experience in Writing and Product Management with various internationally acclaimed organisations. She has got a strong flair for writing and enjoys writing on various subjects that concern one and all.