Splendor is a unique, stylish, and serene real estate development in Dubai. It redefines modern, futuristic real estate by cradling it within a sanctuary lifestyle, creating an experience that offers a life bolstered by innovation and ingenuity, while also equipping it with a peaceful surrounding, right along the Ras Al Khor sanctuary.


Real Estate is a tough game, but for Gemini Property Developers, it’s all about selling the idea. Their site was designed to put their developments in center stage: showcase what they do best with information for the user to check out each property, and have a way to contact the team as easily as possible.


An amalgam of bustling city life and tranquil domestic living, Splendor Homes have been designed to balance extravagance with idyllic purity. Designed to reflect its owner’s charm, a Splendor home experience will bring you an unparalleled sense of sophistication and prosperity.


The interior is designed with care, aiming to inspire an effervescent spirit in the beholder. Our widely spaced rooms and pristine white backgrounds splashed with vivid, bright coloured installations create an air of sophistication in and around the home.

Whether it is the modular kitchen with top of the line equipment or the minimalistic bathrooms with their relaxing cove lighting, every room in a Splendor Home is crafted to make your experience seamless, cohesive, and simple. Everything that you dream about, you will find in a Splendor Home.


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