We are embarked on a quest to develop facilities that not only meet the client’s expectation but exceeds them. We develop facilities that are capable of conducting the complete slaughtering process, carcass dressing, meat cutting and further scientifically processing the products and by-products. All the layouts and types of equipment that we install use modern methods and techniques that comply with the highest hygienic practices and international regulations and standards.

We pay our prime focus in developing facilities that support all the sustainability issues, such as recycling of solid and liquid waste and possible utilization of producing bio-gas from the process. In addition to this, the products we deliver are eco-friendly and operates on renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy, avoiding all the hassles related to environmental degradation.

We design, construct and deliver the ultra-modern abattoir worldwide. Being among the largest in our field, we have an excellent track record of developing the most efficient and technologically advanced slaughterhouses.

Combining years of experience and a wide pool of skills in various disciples, we have successfully completed a large number of projects. Our unmatched services with an additional touch of innovation have enabled us to deliver worthy facilities to several renowned agencies not only in UAE but also in Qatar, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Oman.
Our extraordinary league of delivering highly functional, efficient, technologically advanced and productive facilities is unparalleled, not only regionally but globally.


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