Royal Yachts is the leading luxury yacht charter agency of the Gulf, which offers an array of attractive services. The renowned company was founded by Mr Mohammed Zaabi and under his vision and guidance, it grew from strength to strength in a very short span. Combining the commitment to excellence and the finest spread of amenities, Royal Yachts leads in the way in delivering the most memorable and ecstatic experiences to its customers. Over the years, it has become a reputed yachting company by marking unrivalled footprints in the region.


The reputed company, which is a brand in itself was established in 2011, since then it has played a vital role in cementing Dubai as the top maritime hub in the world. With an ever-growing product offering, Royal Yachts strives to continually seek out unique and creative services to enhance the yachting experience of clients and has set up unbeatable standards of qualitative services, outshining their competitors. With the years of experience dealing with high-profile VIP clients, the company understands that there is no substitute for quality when it comes to luxury yachts.


Royal Yachts, which is a symbol of lavishness and extravagance in itself, offers luxury yacht charter packages to the Bahamas, Indian Ocean, Caribbean and several other exotic destinations. In addition to offering yacht charter, the reputed company also provides the turnkey yacht management solutions and yacht rental UAE services. The renowned brand has extended the horizons of services in the region and transformed the yachting experience for many. By providing unparalleled and unrivalled yachting services to the clients, the company has become the industry leader in the Persian Gulf.


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