Technology has been a driving force behind the rapid social and lifestyle change that we see today around us. We have been a witness to industrialization then globalization, liberalization and now digitalization of the world, and behind all this, it was the hunger for technological growth and race to prove one’s superiority over others, that has played a pivotal role, more than the necessity for change or development in human life. Technology has made things simpler than we had ever imagined. However, it has made life complex in many ways, yet the convenience with what we are living today would not have been possible without the advancement in technology. Though the technologist did envision the future of technology decades back, that helped them reach where we are today, yet after seeing their visions come into effect proves we human beings are inventive and innovative by instinct. But, had there been no technical competition to claim the credit of becoming the first to innovate and find the solution, things wouldn’t have been this faster.

We human being are innately aggressive, competitive, and possessive by nature. The hunger to prove superiority over others has always made us contest against our fellow human, and the competition that we see in the technology world comes from there. Though it is our inherent character of co-operation that made us live and survive together, as we progressed and realized, how technology can help rule the world, and the competitiveness to grab the maximum stake in the technology world continued to grow. Today, we see a growing number of scientists, researchers, technology companies, and technologist are becoming country assets, and the reason is countries are using them to take control over the world using technical means. We can say, ‘technology is the hope to bring some positive impact through the competitive approach.


Effects of Modern Technology and Software

If one has to be honest about the impact of modern technology and software, then one would say, it has made life both simple and complex. Simple, because it has actually added value to our lifestyle and made our life much easier and comforting, and complex because as always corrupt minds are using it for all wrong reasons. So, while we use technology freely and abundantly for all good purposes, we also need to be careful about what we use and how we use to protect ourselves from such minds with malicious intentions. Corrupt minds were always there, but the human race never got intimidated and stopped progressing. We have always found the key to such problems, and we will continue to conquer such evil motives. However, the fact is, the rapid change that we see today is due to the technical competition does not change. Whether it is problem-solving or becoming an obstruction on the way of the solutions with ill intentions, it is the desire to dominate the world or the market that drives the technology today which leads to technical competition.

Effect of modern technology and software is a subject of debate. We are certainly enjoying the fruits of technology, but of late we have realized, however comforting technology makes our lives, it has its drawbacks too. But the only relief is those drawbacks are the brainchild of those with ill-intent, something that can be evaded if the technology is used in the right direction with right intention with all the precaution implemented.

What is the Purpose of Technology?

Use of scientific knowledge to make tools that can solve a specific problem is the main purpose of technology. Technology has proved its competence in almost all the domains from automobile, entertainment, aeroplanes, cellular phones, computers/computer accessories, healthcare, architecture, education, home appliances, kitchen appliances, personal gadgets, garment manufacturing, food industry and every other thing associated with human life. One cannot deny its massive and compelling influence on us. Can say, it has invaded into each and every sphere of human growth, and there is no scope of escaping it in this digital age.

There is no denying the fact that 20th-century technology has transformed the world irreversibly. The way we communicate, learn & educate, play, travel, cook, work, do business, meet, worship, shop, is simply amazing. The growth in technology has been exponential in the last two decades. The advancement that was the consequence of technological growth that has influenced the world to adapt to social changes will continue to bring progressive transformation into our lives, and that is getting faster each day.

Over the last couple of years, virtually every industrial sector has been experiencing a transformation, that is rapid, massive, and sometimes even nerve-wracking. We have seen what Uber and Ola has done to the transport industry, and we have also seen how Airbnb has impacted the hospitality industry, we also know how businesses in the COVID 19 crisis benefitted in working closely with the help of technology even while working remotely, something that seemed impossible before the crisis. The way businesses overcame the COVID 19 crisis proved that technology has changed us for the better. The virtual meetings, virtual discussions, virtual board rooms, virtual debates, virtual negotiations, virtual presentations, and the list goes on. We have also realised the benefits of mobile applications in every small and big activity that we got involved with, something that we might not have experienced before.

Had it not been technology, we wouldn’t have succeeded in overcoming this crisis so efficiently. Moreover, this crisis gave birth to several innovative ideas in the technology sector that also includes the development of several mobile apps that are helping us in contact tracing and tracking, where many companies took the opportunity to come up with more people-friendly solutions. If we dig deeper, we will find out this innovation in almost all sectors. We are seeing and would be seeing more competition in every new thing that comes up that will further bring more competitiveness in the market.

Technical Competition and Transformation

The purpose of technology has always been to simplify life, and it has been proving that time and again. However, the contribution of technology has been bigger and beyond simplifying the complexities of life, as we see it influencing almost all aspects of human existence and beyond. You would see almost every sector getting benefitted from the outcome. Today, it is not just about managing your office file, email communication, helping you find information in a fraction of a second, developing simple websites or keeping you abreast with the current affairs, it has been also contributing in the field of healthcare, engineering, education, defence, entertainment and everything that we can see under the sun and beyond. It is the technology that helped us know the outer space, and it also encourages us to think of travelling to the Moon and Mars. That is how technology has impacted human life today. However, big or small an achievement is, we can always sense the competition in each of these achievements.

We have been experiencing how technology companies are competing with each other to come out with the most innovative solution to not only retain their existing customers but also attract new customers for the business. Some of the best glaring examples are Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines that proves how technical competition has influenced the rapid change n the technology world. It is very much same in the eCommerce industry.