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We at SUDO, are a global IT and enterprise solutions provider, catering to a plethora of technology platforms across diverse industry domains. Investing in innovative software development technology to help our customers discover new business possibilities, and enabling them to achieve competitive edge through solutions that are flexible, robust, and tailored to meet next generation business needs. We are passionate to deliver excellence and committed to responsible business practices.

Our Services

Services we offer

Inspired by efficiency and driven by innovative ideas, we at SUDO ensure high performance, scalable and seamless integration using technologies such as ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, HTML5, CSS, etc. Our mission is to deliver complete digital transformation by streamlining complex business processes and enhancing customer experience.

Custom Software Development

Whether you are a start-up or a globally renowned enterprise, we are committed to delivering unparalleled custom software development services to businesses worldwide. We aim to empower our clients with reliable and agile digital solutions that can help them in solving their complex business challenges.

Dedicated Software Developers

With SUDO you have the flexibility to choose your team as per your requirement. We provide an on-demand dedicated team of software developers to reduce time-to-market and improve ROI. Our developers help you stay ahead in the competition.

Maintenance & Management

We at SUDO ensure that your business is safe, protected and working seamlessly all the time. We set up processes to guide, educate and help your team reach out to solutions by addressing your changing business requirements.

Testing & QA Services

Testing and QA services at SUDO include manual testing, automated testing, performance and security testing, utilising modern test frameworks and technologies. Our testing covers security, functionality, usability, performance, speed, scalability, and capacity of the products developed.

SaaS & Software Products

We build SaaS based applications to overcome the challenges and help you stay relevant amidst frequently changing market behaviour without making you invest more. SaaS solutions are highly cost-effective, agile and easy-to-deploy.

Modernisation & Migration Services

In this digital age, if you want to stay ahead in the competition, then you will have to remain relevant and that is possible only when you upgrade your applications by employing the latest tools and technologies. Keeping yourself updated with technology enhances ROI and reduces maintenance costs.

ATM Tracker - Transtech

Developed an ATM Survey Management system, Transtech is a web application that records, tracks, and administers ATM maintenance surveys. An excellent example of expertise and passion for application development.

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MMP System

Dynamic Accounting Platform for the MMP team with enhanced reporting capabilities, crunching data from multiple platforms and publishers with integrated campaign tracking and internal orders and invoicing. Intricately developed application software with intelligent information processing system, built using the latest technology.

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Cemex - Docpro

DocPro is document expiry reminder application software with features to handle all the official documents systematically. The application creates and secures files, and tracks their validity without having to maintain excel sheets and folders. Concerned officials get alert messages before their expiry. Safe, fast and easy to access, useful for office and administrative purposes.

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Sudo delivers 100% scalable, robust and high-performance softwares, mobile apps and web applications.


Taking transparency to the next level. We at SUDO practice 100% transparency during the entire development process by keeping our clients fully aware of the progress we make towards their goals.


At SUDO we have created an attitude to make on-time delivery one of our priorities and hence instilled it in our culture. We focus on getting your applications delivered to you on the scheduled time.


30 days of continuous free support service is provided to you as we are committed to maintaining regular contact post-deployment to eliminate business-critical conditions. We take responsibility for our every action.


We at SUDO practice flexible engagement model that involves collective discussions. We carefully listen to our clients to help them achieve their business objectives as securely and efficiently as possible.


We keep our communication channels open 24x7 to help our clients reach out to us in need. They are connected to the right teams and experts to ensure they get the right solutions on time.


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